Mtech Tokyo 2020

Mtech Tokyo 2020

Launched more than 30 years ago, Manufacturing World Japan has grown together with the Japanese & Asian manufacturing industry. Gathering all kinds of cutting edge mechanical components/ manufacturing services/ IT solutions for any types of manufacturing industry from around the world. 
Manufacturing World Japan is the world's leading manufacturing trade show consisting 8 specialized exhibitions.
For the next show in 2020, we are expecting to welcome manufacturing professionals from around the world such as design, development, produce technology, information system, purchasing and quality management department. Furthermore, the top manufacturers from around will also join the show.
Manufacturing World Japan consists of:
 ・31st Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo
 ・24th Mechanical Components & Materials Technology Expo
 ・28th 3D & Virtual Reality Expo
 ・2nd Industrial AI/IoT Expo
 ・2nd Additive Manufacturing Expo
 ・2nd Aerospace Technology & Components Expo
 ・2nd Factory Facilities & Equipment Expo
 ・1st Measure/Test/Sensor Expo
Date/Time: Feb 26 (Wed) - 28 (Fri), 2020 / 10 AM-6 PM (5 PM on Last day)
Venue: Makuhari Messe, Japan
Exhibitor Profile: 
Motion Technology / Motor Fair: Bearings/ Changers/ Reducers/ Chains/ Drivers/ Shafts/ Belts/ Motors/ Controllers.
Processing Technology & Materials Fair: Machining/ Cutting/ Die-Casting/ Casting/ Forging/ Pressing/ Fabrication Technology.
Fluid Power Transmission / Tube Components Fair: Hydraulics Equipments/ Water Hydraulics Equipments/ Pipes/ Joints/ Pneumatics Equipments/ Seals/ Tubes/ Valves
Mechanical Parts Fair: Hinges/ Levers/ Mechanical Parts & Related Products/ Stays/ Casters
Fasteners / Mechanical Springs Fair: Bolts/ Washers/ Spring Forming Machines/ Variety Springs/ Nuts/ Rivets Forming/ Processing Technology
Surface Treatment & Modification Fair: Plating/ Surface Coating/ Surface Treatment & Modification Technology
Processing Machines & Machine Tools Fair: Hand Tools/ Spindles/ Diamond/CBN Tools/ Cutting Tools/ Machine Tools/ End Mills
Deburring & Surface Finishing Fair: Blasting Technologies/ Deburring & Surface Finishing Technologies/Equipment/ Driers/ Cleaning Outsourcing Services/ Barrel Finishing/ Cleaners/ Recovery Unit
Testing/ Measuring/ Sensor Fair: Testing Instrument/ Equipment/ Sensors/ Measuring Instrument/ Equipment/ Analysis Instrument/ Equipment
Visitor Profiles:
In the Manufacturing Industry: Design & Development Engineers/ R&D Personnel/ Production Engineers/ Manufacturing Engineers/ Maintenance Engineers/ Procurement Managers/ Quality Control Professionals/ Management Executives
Participation Fee:
Price [1 booth = 16.2sqm (6.0m × 2.7m) ]
  • Exhibit Space* (Space only) × JPY 964,000  / Booth (16.2sqm)
  • Corner Charge × JPY  50,000 / Corner
  • Rental Display System:
Type A × JPY 520,000 / Booth (16.2sqm)                      
Type B × JPY 380,000 / Booth (16.2sqm)
Remarks: Price does not include 8% Consumption Tax.
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Tel: +84- (0)24 73056788/ 3992 7489/ 3992 7498  Fax: +84- (0)24 73056788
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